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'Unbridled Grace'

Former Client’s Book

Acquittal in Federal Court

Jim Burnham successfully represented Dr. Michael J. Norman in federal court against 10 charges: one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, one count of federal perjury, and eight counts of mail fraud. Jim Burnham’s victory over the federal government is memorialized in Unbridled Grace, by Dr. Michael J. Norman. Dr. Norman described Jim Burnham as:


“A former prominent district attorney, Jim exemplified a true Southern gentleman in every sense of the word. Upon our first meeting, I instantly felt as if I had met Atticus Finch from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Tall, thin, and with a booming voice that made me feel the passion of his emotions, Jim held firm to his conservative values, loyalty, and old-fashioned worth ethic. As it so rarely does in our day and age, Jim’s word and handshake still represented something to be honored and protected, just as it had with Atticus.”

Page 76


“Jim’s integrity and readiness to take a principled stand for truth and justice, despite the costs, stood out. All of this made him a rare commodity among his colleagues.”

Page 77


“My Atticus Finch first impression proved to be true. Humble and hardworking, Jim possessed a strong moral fabric and integrity that ran through every part of his life.”

Page 91


“Jim’s tall, thin, clean-cut gentlemanly appearance and his relaxed and friendly Southern drawl instantly put anyone at ease and gave reason to trust him.”

Page 123


Jim’s “practice is a community resource for justice for countless innocent individuals. . . . [T]he community also began to bestow much-deserved awards and recognition upon Jim for his work, as well as his ensuing philanthropy for the less fortunate.”

Page 147

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